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Products & Services to your Front Door
only available in HAMILTON!


Our company

Shorty’s Neighbourhood Concierge, is the culmination of much thought in how to make a retail company 1) profitable, 2) provide a valuable service to our community, and 3) promote a lifestyle that protects and preserves the environment. We’re taking advantage of today’s technology to allow us to “bring it back” and have a relationship with each of our customers. No membership required, and no sign-up cost. Your Neighbourhood Concierge is just that- whatever you need at home, we’re here to provide. If we don’t offer it, we’ll find you someone who does! 

We’re adding more all the time, but now you can order a vast array of products/services from our website.

In addition to creating your Neighbourhood Concierge, we’ve developed a Business Building Service, focusing on helping people start up home-based businesses. “Business Built from Home” we like to call it! Everything you need to be your own boss- based at home! From Dog Walker to Seamstress, Accountant to Registered Massage Therapist.

**And Giving Back To The Community? You bet! With the intention of promoting a healthy lifestyle by way of the organizations our customers support, you too can “Become a 1%’r”, directing one per cent of your sales (approx. five per cent of profits) to the local non-profit kids/adult sports organization of your choice.

We are always learning and growing, and we welcome your suggestions!